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Kookaburra Wrap 'N' Ride Costume Kookaburra Wrap 'N' Ride Costume.. Product #: Kookaburra Wrap 'N' Ride Costume Regular price: $50.00 $50.00 In Stock

Kookaburra Wrap 'N' Ride Costume

Availability: In Stock

Price: $55.00

Your little Kookaburra is raising a chorus of crazy laughter in this adorable wrap n ride costume  and has one of the best-known sounds in the animal world.

The birds raise a wild chorus of crazy laughter as they go to roost in the treetops at dusk, and again wake everyone within hearing just as dawn breaks, so regularly that in the hinterlands of Australia they are know as the "bushman's clock."
Beautifully constructed, wrap n ride costumes are plush stuffed toys worn around the waist. Just strap it on and your little ones imagination becomes reality.
* Beautiful soft two toned material
* OSFM (One Size Fits Most)
* Adjustable Straps


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